Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wicker Chairs

I've been working on a fun project with my white wicker chairs.  I blogged about my back porch here back in February.

The wicker chairs are 10 year old Martha Stewart chairs from K-Mart.  I love my wicker chairs but didn't like them white so I decided to paint them. 

I chose Rustoleum's Leafy Green spray paint because I love the color and because I already had the paint.

Here is a chair after spraying it with Leafy Green:

I love the color but it was Too. Much. Green!

So I used some Minwax English Chestnut stain.  I brushed it on, left it for a very short time and wiped it off.  That way the stain stays in the crevices and gives the chair some interest and depth and tones the green down some.

This is the chair with the stain:

And here they are together:

The stained chair is on the left.  I love the way the stain upped the texture and gave the chair a victorian look.

Here are some close-ups.


And After:

The stain gives a nice depth and victorian look; perfect for a porch.  What do you think?

I'll post some pix when they're both done and back on my porch.



  1. I really liked the chairs after you added the stain - very nice!

  2. I am not the only one with THAT green obsession currently. :)

  3. So much better with the stain...I like the green also...was debating it yesterday at the paint or the metallic red. I left without paint in hand. Good job!