Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Bling

I love to wear sparkly rhinestone pins but no time more than at Christmas.  I have many, many Christmas pins and keep adding to them yearly. 

This is probably my favorite.  I love the simplicity of it, especially the colored stones offset with lots of white.   

This is my close second favorite.  It looks equally good with jeans and a sweatshirt as it does with my best Christmas finery.  I usually wear it with a pair of everyday rhinestone earrings with little green flowers that just match these green flowers.

I have four wreath pins but the following two are my favorite.  This one is just so simple but elegant with the red and green offset by the white rhinestones.

I made this one after seeing a similar one years ago on a lady who was probably 30 years my senior.  She had a little red ribbon on hers but I added the beaded bow because I thought it just looked so cute.  I love to do tiny needlework and this one fit the bill for me.  I wear this one a lot!

This one is special to me because my best friend gave it to me.  I kept admiring it all season long so she bought it for me.  

Then there’s this one that was very inexpensive but I really like it.  It doesn’t have so many rhinestones but it’s just fun.

I have lots of patriotic bling that I’ll share in the summer.  What do you like to wear to celebrate the Christmas season?


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  1. These are all great! I have one that I really treasure -- it's a "gold" holly wreath, with smoky rhinestones that my mother bought me at the Sears Outlet. We had hit the mall to get out of the Arizona summer heat, with my little ones in the tandem stroller. For some reason, I just fell in love with the pin, so she bought it for me. I treasure it now that she is gone, and am reminded of our fun summer afternoon when I wear it.

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets party, I'm so glad you did. I LOVE pins and your have a lovely collection...ADORE the bell with the green flowers on top, so pretty! I truly hope you will come back and link up again. I'm taking next week off because of Christmas (we all need a break :), but I'll be back the following week!)
    Hope you have a VERY Merry CHRISTmas!