Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm not Decorating for Christmas This Year

Yep, you read that right. 

Absolutely not at all. 

You see we're supposed to be closing on our new house on December 30.  Instead of bringing out Christmas decorations, I'm packing for our move.

So I thought I'd share some pix from previous Christmases.


I love the pastels.

I'm big time into kitsch at Christmas.


Isn't Santa cute getting ready for his Christmas Eve ride?  He has a whole passel of reindeer to pull his sleigh.

 Probably one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  And it's made it through five moves so far.


There are no pictures of Christmas 2007 on my computer.  I'm sure they exist somewhere in e-space on my husband's computer, but not on my computer. 

It's actually rather symbolic because this was the year I had a miscarriage and my first child left home. 

You'll see a difference in my pictures after this.  You'll see more pix of my kids.  My boys are at school in New York and I live in Texas.  I only see them twice a year and maybe three times if I'm really lucky.


I love this picture of my daughter enjoying decorating Christmas cookies while my oldest son enjoys some quality time with BD in the backyard.

2008 was the year my second boy joined his brother at West Point.  It was so good to have them both home and looking so handsome.   

This picture of the kids being serious cracks me up.  Not only that, but they're actually being quiet here.  That's pretty rare when they're all together.


This was my kitchen island last Christmas.  We were getting the house ready to sell.

In the background you can see the same island a few days later with unpainted beadboard.

My boys are filling their marshmallow shooters and BD is watching attentively so he can eat up all the ammunition when they're done.  Smart dog.

This is the undecorated tree and that's how it stayed for the whole season.  It looked so pretty all lit up and that way I didn't have to unpack or repack ornaments.

A month after these pictures were taken, we had 750 square feet of family room, kitchen and entry floors torn up for the new tile my husband installed.  He's a beast!

The next time I saw the boys was for just a few days in June; at the same time that we moved!

So guess what we're doing for Christmas this year?  Yep, moving!

I hope that many years of visits to come will be to the same house so I can concentrate on hospitality instead of moving.


This is what I'm doing instead of decorating for Christmas this year:

This year my youngest graduated from high school and joined his brothers at West Point.  At the same time we moved three hours away from my daughter.  But all four kids will be with us for Christmas.  Here is a sneak preview:

This was taken Thursday night after the West Point Christmas dinner.  Steak and lobster and cigars after dinner.  It's a tradition.  That's my oldest in the middle.  He's a Firstie (senior).  My middle boy is on the left.  He's a Cow (junior).  My youngest is on the right.  He's a Plebe (freshman).  Don't they look fine?

I don't really care about the decorations this year.  I'm so glad to have all six of us together again if only for a few days.

Thanks for letting me share and I'm enjoying all your Christmas decorations on your blogs.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi Cindy, a new follower here! I don't blame ya for not decorating..moving into a new house..YIPPIE that is exciting, especially for the new year. I live about 45 mins from West Point! Handsome family you have. Enjoy your holidays wherever they bring you and blessings from NY!


  2. You'll have plenty of other Christmas times to decorate, so I wouldn't bother during a move either.

    My brother once put his tree up without ornments. Like you, he said it was easier to deal with and he was only home at night when the lights were on anyway, so it felt festive to him.

    I hope your move is without much stress and that you enjoy your new place!

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comments Cindy!! You have made my day! I absolutely adore the kitsch look as well. Love the shelving and that wreath is a treasure! I can't wait to explore your blog and good luck on the closing of your home! Blessings, ERin

  4. Love seeing all the past years, how fun! Next year you can decorate, good luck with your move and thank you for your visit!

  5. Good luck with your move... my favorite was 2005.. beautiful shelf and amazing tree decorations. Thanks for linking to my very merry holiday home party!

  6. I noticed your boys in their uniforms (can't remember the official name) and had to comment. In 2006, I had the honor of attended the ball for 500 Night at West Point. I was dating a man who graduated West Point in 2007 and was able to go visit for the ball. It was such a neat experience!!

  7. Melissa, I love the area around West Point. So beautiful and so much history. I LOVE to visit there.

    Laura, those uniforms are called full dress. It's the only uniform with which they don't wear a hat. It has tails and is almost the same they used way back in the 1800s.

  8. what an exciting way to bring in the new year-do share pics of the new home!

  9. Beautiful post. Your kids are the best decorations! Congratulations on raising three exceptional young men - I know its tough to get into West Point. My Grandfather was an Army General. Good luck with the move. Hope it's a very Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year! I hope moving goes smoothly for you. I'm looking forward to seeing a tour of your new home one day. You must be so proud of your sons (and of course your daughter too.)