Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jolly Christmas Kitsch

I loovvve anything kitschy! 

I love to add kitschy things all around the house just for fun but no time more that at Christmas.  I love to decorate with the kind of stuff I saw in homes at Christmas when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s but I also love anything that looks like it came from the 40s or 50s. 

Here is one of my favorite displays of kitsch at Christmas. 

Most of these items are contemporary and were gifts from my daughter or items that I bought at after Christmas sales.

But . . .

There is one item in the display that I bought at a garage sale years ago.  I think it was 10 cents.

Do you see it there in the center?

Here, I'll point it out to you . . .

Isn't that just great? 

It's made of plastic.  All plastic.  The letters are white plastic with gold glitter.  The poinsettia is shiny red plastic.  They didn't even try to make it look real by adding fake velvet.  Just left it shiny red plastic.  Ditto with the holly leaves.  Shiny green plastic. 

I. Just. Love. It.

Does that make me weird or something? 

I hope not, but even if it does, I still love it.

I think this is one of my favorite, if not my very favorite, Christmas decorating item.  And someone let it go for only 10 cents!  Can you believe that?

On another, totally unrelated subject, my daughter and I randomly pick a word-of-the-day and it stays the word-of-the-day until another is picked.  We pick words that are fun to say or are pretentious or whatever.  Just any word that strikes our fancy.  I think our all time favorite since we began this several years ago is 'foodstuffs'.  Come to think of it, foodstuffs is rather a kitschy word.

Anyway, our word-of-the-day for the last few weeks has been 'jolly'.  Target is using jolly in their advertising this Christmas.  We get points for using our word-of-the-day in our everyday tete-a-tetes.  Sometime we have a phrase of the day.  Our latest is 'tete-a-tete'.  Notice how I just naturally used both jolly and tete-a-tete in the sentences above.  Those are worth a point each.  Except I think I should get points everytime someone reads my blog and reads jolly and tete-a-tete.  Don't you?  I used jolly in the title of this post too.  That's worth a point. 

Wow, if you add up all the jollys and tete-a-tetes in this post I get 12 points everytime someone reads this.  So now I'm way ahead of my daughter.  Thanks for helping me.

By the way, today is my daughter's 24th birthday.  Happy Birthday Ms. Neat Stuff!  I'm ahead!

Have a Jolly Christmas (13 points) everyone!


P.S.  I'll make sure my daughter reads this.  If you want to use jolly (14 points) and tete-a-tete (15 points) in your comments, I'll let you have points too.

P.P.S.  My daughter just informed me she's starting a blog called 'Jolly Blog' and she'll use jolly 3,827 times.  I just earned 2 more points. 

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  1. this post cracked me up with your abundance of jolly and tete a tete's (2). i love that display piece, it's really different. so glad i stopped over from show and tell!


  2. You definitely get two points Cape on the Corner. I stopped by your blog and my mouth watered with the pictures of your Mom's latkes. Yum, potatoes and fat. What a great combination!

  3. Hey Ma! Check out this Jolly post on my new blog, Jolly Blog! Much as I've enjoyed our tete-a-tete, I just have to say, I win!

  4. A jolly good hello to you Cindy! I'm so glad you commented on my blog, it allowed me to enjoy a wonderful visit here at your blog. I love your kitschy display and you've done it perfectly. All grouped together on that white shelf it it looks so cheerful or should I say jolly.

  5. Autum, you get two points for using jolly twice. Thanks for visiting.