Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kitchen and Laundry Room

I have a new convenience in my kitchen that my husband just finished for me.  He wired three undercounter lights to an outlet we had our builder install over the microwave.  This outlet is on a switch on the backsplash, next to the range.  All I have to do is flip one switch to get light on all the counters!  My husband is my hero!

This is my kitchen with the three undercounter lights turned on.

Do you see the switch just to the right of the range?  No?  I don't either.  It blends into the subway tile in this picture.  Here, I'll point it out . . .

There it is.  Oh, this is so wonderful for a woman who likes lots of light in her kitchen.  One flip of the switch and I have it!

On another note, I did a quick project in my laundry room that really added a fun pop of color.  I hung some 70s framed tiles that my parents used to have hanging in their vacation home.  My Dad just recently sent them to me.

The laundry room is just off the kitchen and doesn't look very pretty but I keep the door open during the day because I like the light from the window.  With these framed tiles I can keep the colorful theme from my breakfast room on the other side of the kitchen.  I blogged about my breakfast room here.

Now the laundry room looks pretty and adds to the colorful theme in the kitchen.

So what do you think about my 70s, framed tiles?


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  1. I like the color! Hanging pictures in the laundry room is not the norm for most people, I'm sure, but I like it. It would help me feel a bit happier about the time spent in there. You must be tall like me to be able to reach those laundry baskets. =-)

  2. first, i must say how refreshing your kitchen is. i love the wood color, it looks like the color of our wood cabinets. i am not painting them white, but i'm feeling like everyone is doing it and they look so darn bright and airy that way. so i like seeing someone else NOT painting them, too. your tile is super cute, and i like how it ties in when you leave the door to the laundry room open. and not only cute, but special meaning!

  3. Your tiles looks amazing! I love the pop of color and the fact that they have been in your family makes them even more special. Very nice. Your curtains look great too, by the way.


  4. What a great way to dress up the laundry room! Love this!

  5. Fun! They look really cute in there! I recently prettied up my dreary laundry room with a retro look... it's a great place to go retro! And I totally appreciate a well-lit kitchen. Stopping by from Sarah's place... ;-}

  6. You're right---they do add great color!

  7. Wow!!! I am really digging your kitchen! Love the white subway tiles! Of course! Those curtains are so much fun and the laundry room prints are just precious. Nicely done!!