Thursday, February 3, 2011

Picture Groupings

I've been busy making curtains for my breakfast room and back bedroom in the last couple of days.  I hope to show the finished rooms in the near future, but in the meantime, I want to show you some of my inspiration pix of picture groupings on walls.  Sorry if I show your picture without giving you credit.  If one of these is yours or you know to whom it belongs, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due.

This is so great, so where do I start?  All black and white portraits with white matting in similar red frames.  As if that isn't enough, there are picture lights for night time viewing.  Then they're all hung on wonderful v-groove paneling painted white with black doors.  Oh, and the ceiling is also paneled.  Wow!  How's this for taking a boring hall and making a gallery?

More black and white portraits with white matting but in different frames.  This works so well, though, because the frames are similar in color to the pictures.  Notice how they hung them so they all touch?  Very clever.

Same idea but with colored pictures in similar frames and matting.  So fresh and fun.

Here's another idea - a picture ledge.  None of these pictures are actually hanging on the wall; they're all leaning against the wall.  This makes it easy to rearrange the pictures.

This is another take on the picture ledge.

As is this but instead of photos, this one uses paintings of similar subjects.  I love the brown wall with the pops of white.

This is another take on the picture ledge with the pictures resting on the top of the wainscoting.  I love the bright, fresh colors of this one.  Makes me think of spring.

I love this one.  Similar size, same theme but all different frames.  Don't you just love that striped wall and the way many of the pictures are crooked?  So charming.

Once again, similar subject (panorama photos), with similar frames and matting.

Here we have different subjects, different sizes, different frames but they all have soft, muted colors.  Notice how the pictures over the bed aren't hanging as high as the pictures next to the bed?  I don't know that I would have done it that way, but I love the result.

Another one with pictures of all sizes and subjects.  Most frames don't match and they've even mixed photos and paintings but it still works to create a cozy, added-over-time feel.

I love this one.  The frames are either dark wood or very thin, lighter wood.  They've added two mirrors in different shapes, a painting and an eye chart that reads, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Put this all together with the beadboard wall and striped roman shade and it makes a wonderful grouping.

Isn't this one great?  There's an equestrian theme running throughout but it includes more than just framed pictures.  There is a mirror with hats and a horn, a polo stick and a mish mash of ribbons.  Add all this to a wall painted dark brown over white beadboard and it makes me want to see the rest of the house.  I love the way they hung pictures over and under the chair rail.

I have this picture identified as a Tracy Porter shot.  I keep this one for the clever way they added their flat-screen TV to the picture grouping.  That's a great way to hide the TV right out in the open.

This is a picture grouping I did in my family room.  Within this grouping are three pictures my husband's Grandma painted and two paintings, two woodcuts and one carving that my Dad did.  I also added a bulletin board and a sign I bought at Round Top that I plan to replace with a painting when I find the right one.  The sign reads, "This fence is state property.  Do not move without permit.  State of California Dept. of Public Works - Div. of Highways."  It's fun but doesn't fit the theme of works by family members.

I have so many pictures, paintings and other art works and I love to display them all.  A picture grouping is a great way to do so.  How do you like to display your pictures?


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  1. I'm working on some picture galleries right now, and these photos are great inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I like your grouping of family inspired art. Very pretty.