Saturday, February 12, 2011


I love Valentine's Day!

When I was growing up, my father always gave my Mom and my two sisters and I gifts for Valentine's Day.  That always meant so much to me.  When I was raising my kids, I continued that tradition.  My third child, Jimmy, was even born on Valentine's Day which was a real gift from God to me. 

Every year, we always set the table with all the pretty pink, red and white tablecloths and red and white crocheted doilies I own.  We used pretty dishes and had a special meal for Valentine's Day/Jimmy's Birthday.

Jim has grown up to be a fine young man who'll be 21 on Monday.  I'm very proud of him.
15th birthday, 2005

18th birthday, 2008

I haven't been with him on his birthday since 2008 but I still send Valentine goodies to him and his brothers. 

These are my boys this last December.  That's Jim on the left.
This year my oldest son requested brownies so I sent him a whole panfull.  Jim and my youngest son both requested chocolate chip cookies so I made Blonde Brownies and added a whole 12 oz. bag of chocolate chips and they each got a whole panfull of those.  Additionally, Jim asked for sugar cookies so I made them into sandwiches with the frosting in between so they would pack easier. 

I really didn't do Christmas this year (you can read about it here and here) so I had such a good time baking for Valentine's Day. 

Since this is the first Valentine's Day I'll be away from my daughter, I got to send her some goodies too.  She requested fudge. 

I packed it in a little foil baking pan and added some scrapbook paper, stickers and a happy greeting before mailing it.

I made an extra batch of Blonde Brownies and had sugar cookies and fudge left over so I prepared several plates of these goodies and took them to our neighborhood fire station, the sales office for our builder and church for the staff.  It was so much fun to brighten the day for other people and spread around the happiness I feel with this holiday.

If I could, I'd give Valentine's goodies to everyone who reads this blog.  Instead I'll just wish you loads of pink and red joy and a happy Valentine's Day!


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