Saturday, March 5, 2011

I got sidetracked

I promised pictures of my house today but got sidetracked and so have to apologize for not getting them up yet. 

The reason for getting sidetracked is because the house across the street that is under construction had two big piles of limestone blocks just waiting for us to cart them across the street so we can use them in our backyard. 

And, yes, I did get permission from the builder.   They were just going to throw them in the landfill!  I'm being a good steward of the earth and all that.  I'm also a big scrounge and will take any landscape supplies I can get for free.  My kids and I laid a beautiful, cottage brick patio all from free brick at our last house. 

Under Construction 2005

2009.  Needed a little weeding.
And I made a patio and walkways from free chunks of concrete at our house before that.  Why pay for it if you can get it free! 

Today we got about half of the rock moved between making a twin bed frame this morning (pix at a later date) and my husband's concert this evening.  He plays violin in a symphony orchestra.

We'll get the rest tomorrow.  Whatever we leave after that gets hauled off on Monday so I plan to get it all.  We're thinking of using it for stepping stones and edging flower beds.

When that is all done and I take some pix of the inside of the house, I'll start getting them up.

In the meantime, thanks for the patience and have a good Sunday!


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  1. How cool to get your hands on free brick! Your previous patio had so much character. Lovely. I'll be here in my not perfect and certainly not finished home waiting to see your photos. Did I mention that three of our bedrooms do not have closet doors? I couldn't stand the crappy ones the builders put in so I just took them down. I'll get to replacing them one of these years.