Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Update

I have 8 young people staying at my house this week.  We're having a great time and they're all getting a much-needed rest . . . well except for the yard work I hooked them all into doing. 

Removing 600 square feet of sod

And moving lots of stone from our driveway to the back yard.

And that's not even all the stone.  They were great.

Then they got to play.  But the water was really cold in the unheated pool.

Last Saturday, we made the required pilgramage for everyone new to Texas.

For the uninitiated, this is the Alamo.

Remember it!

These are the boys at the Alamo waiting while the girls did their shopping.

This is the possum we watched while the girls were shopping.

And the Santa convention we saw at the River Walk after the Alamo.

We're having a great time!

I hope to get back to crafty stuff and decorating next week, but for now, I'm enjoying having all my kids home and four of their friends here.

Enjoy your Spring Break!


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  1. I randomly stumbled upon your blog and have been reading through it. Very cool! And your "Remember it!" line made me laugh out loud haha.