Monday, November 15, 2010

Temporary Home

My husband and I moved from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to Austin, Texas in June/July of this year.  Our house in DFW was still on the market when we moved so we had to rent.  We couldn’t get anything less than a year lease so I resigned myself to living in the rental for a year. 

Calico Corners

I unpacked all my china (7 or 8 sets) along with lots of other things.  Since then, our house sold (praise God) and we began looking at new houses.  Well, with the housing market being what it is, we really wanted to take advantage of the low prices and incentives and build sooner than a year.  Our builder was able to work with us and our landlord to get us an early release on our lease.

So, now we’re building our new home!

Country Living (I think)

They poured the slab on Friday a week ago and began framing on Tuesday of last week.  We go over in the evenings and walk around our house and take pictures.  I’m so excited.

My future new home

This will be the fourth house I’ve owned and also my fourth new house.  It seems I always build a new house.  Just because I’m familiar with this process doesn’t mean I don’t still get all excited with each new home.

Back in September I got to go to the design center and pick out tile and carpet for the floors, granite for the kitchen counters and tile for the backsplash (I picked subway tile), kitchen and bath cabinets and wall colors.  I have so many great ideas for decorating the place.  I’ve begun a notebook and file of ideas for each room including wall colors, window coverings, furniture, pictures for the walls and decorative elements to make the place into ours.

Sarah Richardson Design
The pictures interspersed in this post are some of my inspiration photos that I’m using to help me with the design of the place. 

Elizabeth at Blue Clear Sky did a blog on Ralph Lauren and his style here.  This is her inspiration for their guest bedroom. 

Ralph Lauren via Blue Clear Sky

I can’t wait to see how it comes out.  I love the blues and browns and tans along with the natural elements such as leather, wicker and wood and the chunky pottery and white dishes.  I also love how Ralph uses denim, ticking, leather and florals together. 

My family room will have a red gingham denim sofa and two mission style leather recliners.  I was trying to decide whether to add lots of blue and white for a red, white and blue palate or to use red, brown and yellow.  And then I watched Sarah’s House on HGTV online and saw this master bedroom and fell in love with the pillow fabric on the bed.  The designer is Sarah Richardson.

Sarah Richardson Design

I’m thinking of using something like this for the roman shades in my breakfast room and as accent pillows in the family room.  It’s just so happy. 

I found this fabric at Calico Corners online:

Calico Corners

It’s called Wilmington Multi and looks very similar.  I just need to go visit it in person and get a sample and live with it for a few days before making a firm decision.

This is my inspiration for a corner of the family room where my husband and I will have our computers.  I want lots of white cabinetry to hold stuff and some open display space for some of my really neat stuff.

Barclay Butera

I love the natural elements in this picture and hope to use some of the ideas in this picture in a secondary bedroom. 

I’ll keep y’all updated on all the exciting happenings as the house is built.  Until then, my husband and I will live in our temporary home and dream of our new one. 


P.S.  Check out Susie Davis's blog for a really great giveaway worth like $275 including a gift card to Pottery Barn and another to Williams Sonoma.


  1. Thanks for linking to my post! How lucky for you to be building a new home. Hoping that all goes well. I love your inspiration photos. We bought a builder home in a subdivision, and unfortunately granite and subway tile were not options available. Enjoy yours, because eleven years later we still want it. I'm off to read more of your blog, and I'm following now too.

  2. I love that fabric too! It's called Hothouse Flowers by Schumacher. Love that fabric by Calico Corners, too though!